Welcome to Thai Knick Knacks

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to my Thai Knick Knacks.

I’m so happy that you took the time to visit my page.

I sure hope that you will find what I have to offer entertaining at least and intriguing at best!

In this blog, you will definitely find a lot of things about what happened through out a day in the life of me … yes, little ‘ol me.

It can be frustrating, exciting, interesting, but hopefully, it won’t be boring to read.

I will be offering a lot of information on Thailand, trips, tricks, maybe even some simple language lessons should you want to visit Thailand.

I will be writing about where is good to go when and when it’s good to go where in Thailand.

Sure hope you guys will find my posts helpful and if they are, please subscribe to my page, like my Facebook and share the information so other people can enjoy them, too!


Thank you and see you soon!



Morgana Jt


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