Finally launched (I mean, relaunched) | Thai Knick Knacks

Launch! New look Thai Knick Knacks!

Dear friends, Thank you very much for following Thai Knick Knacks so far. Great news and update, we have revamped and updated our website and now it’s launched!!! Now, it won’t be long before we start punching out all the best stories going on in Thailand, best places to go … Continue reading

The Beauty of Shoppening | Thai Knick Knacks

Shoppening mobile app

Since the birth of Smartphones, we all have seen a phenomenal number of growth and popularity in the market. As Smartphones become more and more popular, service providers become more and more generous in offering faster and better mobile data plans to support the rising demands. The problem today is … Continue reading

Good morning Thailand | Thai Knick Knacks

Yaowarat, Bangkok

Beautiful place, Thailand, Bangkok especially … the streets have many names … there are always too many cars around … Crossing the roads are especially interesting … no one will really stop for you … couldn’t wait to get going … Gotta go, gotta get to work, gotta be somewhere, … Continue reading

Using Shoppening the right way | Thai Knick Knacks

Shoppening mobile app maker

Hello again everyone!  I hope you’ve had a great weekend and a bright start for the new week!  This post will be about how you, as a business owner, can use Shoppening the right way  (as originally seen on How can you use Shoppening the right way? How can you … Continue reading

Shoppening: keeps you out of trouble | Thai Knick Knacks

Shoppening platform

Creating mobile application for your business could be quite a hassle if you are not keen in programming or coding, however, there is another way that businesses can create a mobile application that works in every popular and famous platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones. But that’s … Continue reading

Shoppening for Dummies | Thai Knick Knacks

shoppening for dummies

Hello, all Shoppening fans. Here’s another tool that you can sink your teeth in. Here is an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide to using Shoppening.This guide will show you how to create your account, where you can create your first campaign and walk you through all the nifty stuff that Shoppening can … Continue reading