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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Morgan. My last name in English has 14 letters in it so I won’t bore you with that. Morgan is fine.

I am a content manager/blogger/artist/amateur photographer (who loves taking pictures of odd things at an odd angles) living, working, making it in Bangkok, Thailand.

There are articles on a wide range of topics on my blog. It all started with wanting to write about Thailand, but so many people are already doing that, and they are doing it very well, too. So, I’ve decided to offer tips and ticks on productivity and creativity and the balance between the two. I love tools and automating things in my life. Anything to make it easier, more care-free, more productive, more creative, more fun … I’m all for it! I’m hoping to share a thing or two with everyone here!

Hope you enjoy my articles and my work as well :)

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Have a great day! :)

Morgan JT

Morgana Jt


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